VOOM-logo_400x400-e1461340380486 (1)Beyond Brand was due to launch in August 2016, but when I heard about the VOOM competition in March I just had to get involved!

Within a week of finding out about the competition we launched our branding, website and set about plans to get the word about Beyond Brand out into the world!

I didn’t want to create a campaign though that was just based around pleading for votes. As with all of the ventures I get involved in, I wanted to add value! So, I launched the ‘McVoy Meets’ series and set about interviewing a number of successful entrepreneurs and business owners each week with amazing stories that would be of interest to those entering the VOOM competition. With some amazing guests I was able to mix video, webinars, podcasts, blab sessions and even good old fashioned blog posts to go with the amazing content that was coming from the interviews.

beyond brand podcast


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It even speeded up my content strategy for the business. I launched the Beyond Brand Podcast channel on iTunes as well as introducing our daily video tips channel ‘The Do You Know Show’ on our Facebook page.

After 5 weeks of voting it all came down to the last 24hrs as a large influx of votes happened in the final stage of the voting. We managed to pull in a fantastic result and finished 17th in the StartUp category so made it into the shortlisted stage!

That took us to ’The Pitchathon’! A 29hr pitch at the VOOM judges for the remaining 160 businesses to get it down to 40 for the semi finals. With only 3 minutes to explain your business and 5 minutes for Q&A the intensity was very high. But we put in a great performance and although we didn’t make it through to the finals it was a great experience for us.

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