Deon Newbronner

Deon Newbronner

Communications & Public Speaking Expert

My mother always said to me, “Deon how you do things in life is very important. Always remember people are watching. Make more than a good impression. Make a mark.” 

I took my mum’s advice to heart.

Along with my business partner Emma Stroud, I set up Pitch Perfect Club in 2008 to change the way people relate to each other. To change the way people do business. We make business fun, because when this happens people give a lot more. People give to themselves and give to the wider world.

I have spent the past 15 years helping business owners and senior executives in our public speaking Bootcamps drive improvement in bottom-line results by mastering their power to influence. In some instances, this has seen increases in revenue of up to 30%.

I challenge senior executives and entrepreneurs to re-examine their intentions and values. And use their story to influence their leadership presence – their ability to communicate. I do this by getting to heart of why people don’t want to express their true self.

Can you double your turnover by improving the experience?