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McVoy Meets……Shaa Wasmund

Shaa Wasmund

I am happy to say that in today’s episode i am joined by best selling author, successful entrepreneur, my mentor and friend Shaa Wasmund! Shaa agreed to give me some of her time for the next in our interview series on Beyond Brand’s #VOOM 2016 campaign.

Shaa has had phenomenal success all the way through her career with success that started in the boxing ring with Eubank before moving onto Dyson and then Smarta. Since then however she has launched 3 best selling books, is widely known & respected in the business world and has taken her own advice to follow her passion and set up a business that globally will help others deliver a successful and authentic personal brand. In this interview Shaa shares her story as well as giving out advice the latest channel she has fallen in love with – Facebook Live!

We hope you enjoy the episode and if you want to ensure you don’t miss another episode click the link below to have access to all McVoy Meets episodes and back catalogue.

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