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McVoy Meets……Ketan Makwana

Ketan Makwana

I am happy to say that in today’s episode i am joined by Ketan Makwana of Enterprise Lab for the next in our interview series on Beyond Brand’s #VOOM 2016 campaign.
Ketan, famously known as the ‘Industry Disruptor’! Or at least thats what the PM calls him! Ketan is an amazing inspiration and having heard his story in London recently i just had to get him on the show! We share so many similar thoughts in our approaches and i am sure you will be hearing lots in the future as he unleashes his ‘League of Disruptors’ into the marketplace!
We hope you enjoy the episode and if you want to ensure you don’t miss another episode click the link below to have access to all McVoy Meets episodes and back catalogue.
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