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£49 Attendance
6 UK Bootcamps per year
1 Day events – Up to 250 Attendee’s
4 Speakers – All Experience Experts
Access to private Bootcamp Group for all attendee’s
Regional Events

Our 1 day Experience Bootcamp events bring you up to 4 amazing speakers on hot industry topics that are sure to be impacting your business. We cover thoughts around how to maximise the Brand Experience you offer, whilst delivering more profit and reducing your operating costs.

With a variety of experts taking the stage with me from the world of CX, Digital, UX, Social Media, Sales & Marketing, Communications, Employee Engagement, you will come away with amazing value from the content we deliver to you on the day.

We run our 1 day Experience Bootcamp events around the country and we would love to see you at one of the events we have coming up. All attendee’s also get access to our private Bootcamp Group to keep up to speed with the latest news, topics and events.

Priced to give you amazing value for the knowledge we share with you, these days of packed content are available for just £49. We only run a few of these a year though so they will usually sell out fast!

Register your interest here and we will send you details of our events when dates are released.


Hire Craig McVoy as your Keynote Speaker

“Loyalty is the Holy Grail that companies are looking for. That experience that makes customers and employees ‘sticky’ to them and where the long-term value is found. You don’t get that from a product or service, you get that because of the way you make someone feel! It needs to be personal, it needs to be different and it needs to be consistent. Truly great companies inspire!” Book Craig Button

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After working for over 20 years with brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, JLR, Audi, LV= & Direct Line, I have worked with some of the worlds most customer centric brands. Now as a leading speaker & author on the topics of customer & employee experience I want to bring your event alive and ensure your audience leave with the right message and energy to create a better Brand Experience!

Speech Topics

speech-topicsCustomer Experience

speech-topicsThe Experience ROI

speech-topicsTurning Insights to Value

speech-topicsBrand Experience

speech-topicsOptimising Technology

speech-topicsImportance of Purpose

speech-topicsEmployee Experience

speech-topicsSocial Media Impact

speech-topicsJourney Mapping

Popular Speeches

love your brand

How People Fall In Love With Your Brand

divider Business is changing! The last 5 years have seen a significant shift in the important factors of a successful business and the expectations of the customer & employee. The next 5 will continue to evolve, forming a whole new set of priorities. The 8 P’s of marketing used to form a company’s competitive advantage, but as the gap in these areas has narrowed, a new set of criteria has risen. Customers and employees now have expectations much higher than ever before. The experience that you deliver to your customers and employees affects brand advocacy more than any other factor. So much so that the experience is predicted to be the key differentiator to brand selection by 2020. In the modern era people buy into a company beyond just a product or a price as a consumer, or beyond just a job as an employee. They buy into your purpose & values. In order to fall in love with your brand, people need to get it!


Experience By Design

divider Do you leave how you interact with your audiences to chance, or do you design it? Sounds simple doesn’t it? But do you have a customer strategy? I don’t mean a company strategy, or a business strategy, but how you plan on interacting with your customers, across all touchpoints in a way that is consistent and designed to deliver against your objectives and Brand Promise? If you are sat there thinking, actually we don’t do we, then don’t worry. You’d be amazed how many others are in exactly the same position! Some businesses are successful despite their approach, not because of it. The question is how much value is left on the table that you don’t get in your profits today? How much harder do you need to push your marketing budget and sales volumes to cover the leaks in the funnel? And so you are not alone. The difference is YOU can now do something about it.

micWebinars & Podcasts

Companies are utilising video & audio more and more these days and levels of audience engagement respond well to this type of media. It enables you to keep your teams engaged and active when moving through the transformation process and can assist embedding what they have learnt into their new day to day routine. I am happy to deliver a webinar or podcast series for you to use in your business, either alongside your programme with me or as a stand alone event. For more details contact me on Book Craig Button

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