Hi, my name is Craig McVoy and I’d like to welcome you to Beyond Brand.

After working with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, JLR, Audi, LV= & Direct Line, I have been fortunate to work with some of the worlds most customer centric brands on their customer and employee strategies during those 20 years experience in corporate roles. I have experience of designing and implementing world class Customer Strategy, Design & Implementation solutions for some of the biggest, most admired brands.

I am now a leading speaker & author on the topics of customer & employee experience and have regular contributing author slots in leading publications.

But something changed for me when I got asked to write my first book in 2015 about how the experience is how people fall in love with your brand. Whilst writing out the synopsis I realised that when I went into a business to design the experience, I actually used my own unique methodology to help create the magic!

By systemising this methodology I was able to structure what I do into 7 key disciplines and therefore this methodology could be taught to others to implement. Which opened up the ability to create an amazing customer and employee experience to a whole new audience!

You see, whilst the big corporates I have worked with can afford to have their own customer experience departments or bring in a consultancy to help shape that, most smaller businesses don’t have the budget to do that. Its expensive, so asking the SME customer to pay out £100,000+ on an initiative isn’t even an option. But by creating the ability to share the 7 key steps with business owners and senior leaders in the SME sector, so that they can implement themselves rather than have to pay someone to do it, opens up the opportunity to create competitive advantage for the SME

And so Beyond Brand was born, to give the SME the same tools that the big corporates use, but without the big bills of consultancy.

How it all works:

‘Beyond Brand’ delivers a simple methodology through 7 disciplines, which enables you to create amazing experiences for your audiences, without the bills of consultancy. Available through a selection of programmes featuring online tools and face to face workshops, we can help you to build the experience to maximise your brand by improving loyalty, retention & satisfaction. We demystify the areas you need to focus on to successfully deliver an amazing brand experience to the people who matter most to you – Your customers and employees! We give you the understanding and knowledge to be able to implement these changes into your business today, removing the need for consultants and costs that prevent you from putting the customer at the heart of your business. Whether it is choosing the right channels to bring your business into the digital era or helping you develop your customer strategy, we will walk you through an effective transformation programme that you can implement with your existing team.

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This isn’t just another customer service programme. Beyond Brand is so much more than that. This programme focusses on the concepts and strategies needed to create amazing experiences throughout all parts of your business. Sure, Customer Service is important and and there are some great people out there who can help you develop that in your business, but this is much deeper than that. Beyond Brand delivers its easy to follow concepts in a number of products that you can pick up and use to your advantage today.

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Designed specifically for the business who wants the tools for success, without the bills of consultancy. It brings the concepts used by the major brands to the masses in an affordable sustainable model that you can use and implement in your business today. For the business who wants to deliver profit, reduce costs whilst also delivering an amazing experience for your customers and employees. These programmes allow you to create loyalty with raving fans of your brand and a key differentiator from your competition. Whilst the concepts are suitable for all businesses, we typically work strongest for businesses with a 6 – 8 figure turnover.

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This programme is delivered by me, Craig McVoy personally along with my team of experts. Pulling together all of the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my time working with some of the worlds leading brands. Available through a number of products and an affordable price point for everyone, the ability to put your customers and employees first becomes accessible to a whole new audience. We cover the topics you need to focus on today to make your brand competitive in the marketplace with a team of experts on hand to help you with any specialist areas around Social, Digital, Marketing, PR, UX, HR, Employee Rewards and both Internal and External Communications. Whatever you need to make this a reality in your business, we’ve got it covered!

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Implementing our techniques into your business helps you reduce operating costs & increase profits as you increase loyalty, retention and recommendations from your service. Producing higher customer spend & share of wallet for business growth, at the same time as increasing satisfaction and engagement from your customers & employees! Competitive advantage is now in a completely different ballpark, its about how you make someone feel when they interact with your brand and the experience you provide. We’ll show you how to deliver the experience to differentiate you from your competitors so that people fall in love with your brand. Enabling you to have raving fans and charge a premium for your products and services.

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Improving your experience also gives one to someone who needs it!

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As well as helping businesses deliver a better experience, I wanted to create a company that does the same for those less fortunate. Beyond Brand is proud to sponsor Molly Olly’s Charity. What Molly Olly’s does is provide experiences for terminally ill children so they can enjoy the last times in their life to the max. Molly went to the same school as my son Finlay before she sadly passed away, but by forming the charity her parents have made many other children dreams come true. So for every customer Beyond Brand helps with our products we will pay for an experience for a child to grant their wish. Molly Olly’s wants to make the dark days brighter and we are hoping to help with that through our business model. Molly Olly’s gave over 250 experiences last year to children before they sadly passed away,


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